Major Steps in Surrogacy

1.    Intended Parents (IPs) fill out personal information and letter of intent

2.    List of surrogates matching clients’ requirements is provided

3.    Surrogate(s) notified

4.    Surrogate(s) browse the IPs’ profiles

5.    Initial conference call between the IPs and surrogate(s)

6.    Surrogate initial medical screening

7.    Surrogate psychological assessment

8.    The doctor issues medical clearance to the agency

9.     IPs’ lawyers draft legal contract(s)

10.    Surrogate and surrogate’s lawyer review the contract

11.    The parties sign the final surrogacy contract(s)

12.    The IPs wire the money to the agency’s trust account

13.    Surrogate(s) begin cycle stimulation medicine, preparing the body to match the intended mother’s cycle

(If using frozen embryos, the cycle will be  more flexible in terms of time arrangement)

14.    Embryo transfer

15.    Blood test for HCG level to determine whether the embryo has implanted or not

16.    Vaginal ultrasound to monitor fetal heartbeat at six weeks


 * The aforementioned are just the major steps during the initial stage of surrogacy.  We will keep you up to date at every step, making you fully informed during the entire surrogacy process.