About Us

Sunshine Surrogacy Concierge is a boutique California-based surrogate and egg donor consulting business. Our purpose is to assist Chinese Intended Parents in navigating a sea of information on surrogacy and egg donation by providing guidance and separating myths from facts .  We are not a surrogate agency, we do not have any surrogates or donors.  However, through a unique entry point, the founder of this company is experienced in many aspects of surrogacy.  She will assist and guide you in discerning the best companies with which to work and trust. 


If needed, we can also help you search for and locate surrogates and egg donors across the nations from 30 surrogate agencies and 80 donor agencies in the shortest time possible.

Sunshine Surrogacy Concierge is located in Alhambra, CA, and providing a full service for
IVF surrogacy and egg donation concierge services.  The company is only 45 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, most of our clients come from overseas, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other Mandarin-speaking regions.  Our company will help you locate and secure quality surrogates, as well as sperm and egg donors.  We also provide case management, and translation.
Additionally, our company can assist in coordinating a tailored, personalized IVF treatment plan, providing the client an opportunity to consult with physicians before leaving their home country. We will assist you with arranging doctor appointments, airport transportation, medical translation, overseas travel arrangements and many other services. We pride ourselves in providing flexible, economical and personalized treatment plans.

The company founder YongJia (Sunny) Johnston is a California court certified and Federal court approved Mandarin Chinese interpreter.   Sunny hosts a video blog series called Surrogacy 101 in Mandarin Chinese.   In Surrogacy 101, Sunny talks about the different aspects of the IVF and surrogacy processes, from the cost and procedures of IVF and surrogacy to common legal issues to ethical dilemmas often posed in surrogacy and donor arrangements, etc.   


The content in Surrogacy 101 is not meant to be interpreted as legal advice.  It is simply knowledge gained over the years and shared to empower you -- the patients or the Intended Parents.  These webisodes are from first-hand experience, providing a unique perspective and insight into this wonderful and sometimes agonizing journey of becoming a parent.  Watch it here.